Cinematographer / Documentary Film maker / Lecturer


Cinematographer / Documentary Film maker / Lecturer


Filming in any country has it’s challenges and Nigeria has it’s own unique ones. On the other hand shooting here can be a fantastic and memorable experience, and open a world of discoveries. We would like to make that happen for you. Our team is highly experienced and qualified in working throughout Nigeria. Whether it is locations, visas, crews or production equipment we can help.

If you are planning a production in Nigeria please get in touch. We look forward to welcoming you to Nigeria.

If you would like to know more about our production services please contact me on +2347086505622 or +447775924744 or email at info@tunji-akinsehinwa.com


Daniel Freedman
Location Producer/Fixer/Cameraman

Quite simply if you want to get anything done in Lagos, Abuja or any part of Nigeria ask Daniel. He has accumulated over the years a huge reservoir of contacts that can meet any request from an international crew. He is a skilled operator especially within Lagos and Abuja and as such can organise filming in places that are not easily accessible. He is also an experienced cameraman and has filmed all over Nigeria and across West Africa.


Sunday Adesugba
Sound Recordist/Sound Engineer

Sunday has been a sound recordist for some of the Nigerian film Industry’s top directors and production companies. With over 7 years experience the list of feature films and TV series he has worked on demonstrates how highly he is regarded and sought after in the industry. In spite of this track record he remains ever modest, and can now add to his CV a small stint working on a BBC3 production. He comes fully equipped and can meet any request for additional equipment.


Salaam 'General' Muritala

Some of the best soap operas on TV, high-end promos and commercials, and a slate of feature films all have one thing in common, Muritala working as the Gaffer. Muritala consistently produces outstanding and top quality work. His range of work is diverse which demonstrates his ability to handle any type of production. Alongside his vast experience of lighting he also brings with it an in-depth understanding of the Nigerian Film Industry. He is well known for his jovialness and sense of humour that he brings to set and consequently is a popular person who is always in demand.


Lawrence Adamah
Camera Operator

A skilled camera operator, Lawrence has a long list of credits. He has worked on feature films, TV shows, Reality shows, and soap operas and is well respected within the industry as a camera operator who consistently delivers quality visuals. Lawrence is familiar with a large number of cameras, anything from the Red Epic to the Canon 5Ds. Other skills also include jib operating. His experience comes with a calm demeanour and hardworking ethic. He is a good man to have on your crew.


Sarah Nsan
Hair, Make-up and Costume

A graduate of Theatre and Media Studies, Sarah’s dedication to make-up is second to none. Proof of that is by the large number of high profile TV productions and films she has worked on, and the on-going demand for her skills. Sarah’s talent is fast acquiring her a glowing reputation in Nollywood, which is no easy thing when you work in the 2nd largest film industry in the world. You name it and Sarah can do it, be it special effects or glamour make up, for music videos, feature films and TV series. Included in her growing repertoire are a hair and costume company, which she has established in Lagos. She is a lovely person to have on set and if you are fortunate enough you might get to witness both her singing and Salsa dancing.

If you would like to see photos of her make up work please get in contact on info@tunji-akinsehinwa.com

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